Policy focus on;

Protection of information that served by MTS, appropriately managed, meeting all expectations and customer needs with sales and after-sales services .

Our policy;

  • Be aware of information assests, to ensure taking the importance of risks,
  • Act under the light of Corporate identity,
  • Comply with the legal acts, procedures, legislations, instructions ,
  • Obey the contract terms ,
  • Create frameworks to ensure the persistence of business and services,
  • Follow developments about business field,
  • Protect the rights of Corporate assets and customer information confidentiality, integrity, accessibility,
  • Protect against unauthorized access,
  • Protect privacy
  • Not providing informations to unauthorized person Intentionally or inadvertently
  • Ensure accuracy by protection against unauthorized access,
  • Ensure continuity and increase of customer satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance and improving the efficiency of Quality and Information Security Management System
  • Solve the customer complaints with the frameworks of openness, fairness and sensitivity.
  • Provide services with the respect for ethical values and improve the quality of services.
  • Protecting the personal datas of employee / customer / old employee / suppliers in accordance with legal regulations.