MTS warehousing enables you to avoid holding too much stock and give you new levels of flexibility. We manage your warehousing activities as part of a fully integrated supply chain solution. That save you time, money and helps you sustainably optimize the quality of your logistics processes.

For the greatest possible efficiency, our own warehouse and process design is tailored to each customer’s requirements, from simple storage to high-shelf warehouses, and from small or medium sized companies to large companies our warehousing management system has the right solution for all of your requirements.

We also offer a broad range of value added logistics, such as assembly repackaging, labelling and dealing with customs formalities. We have our own dedicated specialists for every area.The storage areas have excellent protection against fire and theft.

Our warehousing services

  • Domestic pick-up and delivery
  • Heavy Cargo trans loading
  • Customized track and trace
  • Cross-docking
  • Packaging
  • Segregating
  • Special equipment handling
  • FOT deliveries for containerized Cargo
  • Specialising in the transportation and storage of metals, minerals.

MTS operations include

  • The blending of metal concentrates
  • Refined metal storage compliant with LME communication protocols in Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, The UK, United Arab Emirates and the US
  • The transportation of copper from suppliers to global export markets.

MTS operates in its own  metal mine warehousing sites 30 different  worldwide suppliers, with more than 250 000 tonne/year   which makes about 685 tonne/day of storage capacity.

Our key clients are in the business of trading, mining, and/or processing non-ferrous concentrates, refined metals. MTS’s expertise in these sectors is world-class.

At MTS We Focus On

  • Providing excellent service – taking care of the supply chain, handling needs for our customers. This not only includes the traditional focus on warehousing and transportation, but also value-added services such as information supply, processing, and security.
  • Offering competitive rates – creating the optimum balance between the configuration of our logistics infrastructure, quality of services, transit times, and cost management.
  • Continuous improvement – always considering opportunities to grow the quality of our services by listening to ideas from customers, employees, and advisors.